Traditionally-Crafted Affordable Leather Goods for Discerning Sportsfolk

The Difference is Teales

We are a family-run business nestled among the green rolling hills of the Devonshire countryside. We embrace the techniques of age-old craftsmanship but add a sprinkle of modern thinking to ensure our range of leather shooting accessories moves forwards in the modern world. Nothing beats the human touch when creating a leather bag or rifle slip, so our skilled artisans use traditional methods to bring about a collection of sporting goods that is quite beyond exception.

When creating stylish yet affordable gun slips, leather cartridge belts and cartridge bags we know that selecting the right materials is crucial. That’s why we always insist on only the finest hides to maximise performance and durability, giving you peace of mind when you’re out in the field. We use leather which has been naturally treated with vegetable dyes to increase performance and give that rich, oily protective sheen. All of our leather products are hand-crafted and stitched with a strong, oiled thread which guarantees longevity, strength and beauty.

Our driving ambition is to create the very best leather accessories for shooting at an affordable price. We don’t believe that supreme quality should be a luxury reserved for the lucky few, so we work hard to make our products as reasonably-priced as possible with a range for every pocket.

Tomorrow’s Treasured Heirlooms

Leather sporting goods that will last a lifetime

Our passion for creating quality leather shooting goods is evident in every single piece we create.  We enlist the dedication of a skilled team of passionate artisans to strike the perfect balance between prestige and affordability.

The stellar craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail means that our products will last the test of time and become treasured heirlooms of tomorrow. We believe this to be a particularly important philosophy in today’s throwaway culture, and we encourage discerning sportsfolk to invest in a high quality shooting kit which doesn’t need to be replaced every shooting season. We have a steadfast determination that each individual piece exudes our commitment to British heritage, traditional craftsmanship and premium quality, all whilst offering true affordability and accessibility to all.

Our distinctive range of leather goods is designed to enhance our sport. Robust construction means that our range of products can effortlessly stand up to the harshest treatment and the toughest conditions. We make the best leather shooting goods because we know exactly what we look for ourselves when we’re out in the field.

We handpick only the very best components; exclusive leathers, beautiful linings and solid brass hardware. By selecting the finest materials we are able to produce rifle slips and leather bags  that will last as long as our passion for the sport of shooting. Our products mature gracefully, ready to become treasured heirlooms for the next generation of passionate sportsmen and women.

Our Vision

“We are a family-run business that is proud of our strong unwavering ethos to create the very best leather goods at an affordable price. By harnessing the craftsmanship of the past, we are investing in the future.”