Embossed leather sporting goods, make it personal

There is nothing more special that having a treasured item that is uniquely yours… image enjoying a day in the country with a personalised gun slip or cartridge bag engraved with your initials. Not only are all our leather sporting goods make from the finest materials and finished by time served craftsmen to the highest standard, but we also offer free engraving with uptown 5 letters across our range.

Traditionally crafted

We are immensely product of our range of leather sporting goods at Teales, from our Premier gunslips to the show stopping Cowhide range, each has been meticulously designed to perform in the field whilst still remaining stylish and uncompromisingly robust.

Investing in a Teales product means you are investing in a future family heirloom, that can be enjoyed by generations to come. Explore our range of gunslips, cartridge bags and weekend travel bags, all lovingly crafted and sensibly priced.