Dress to impress… look the part

Some Shoot days will be formal, others less so.  It can be worth while checking with your host if there is a dress code for the day. On a formal shoot you will not look out of place in a 3 piece tweed suit with matching breeks, waistcoat and jacket.  You will also need to be prepared for all the elements the British weather can throw at you. A good waterproof/warm jacket would be a must as most of the shooting season fall over the winter months.

You will also want to make sure your equipment is kept safe and secure. A gun slip would be required to take good care of your gun during a days shoot.  Slips can vary in style and material from a Canvas slip to a traditional leather slip.  A cartridge bag will be a must for carrying your cartridges and you may even like to wear a cartridge belt/pouch.  Here at Teales we can help you look the part for your days shooting with our stylish products.